The Hitchhiker

I was a kid when The Hitchhiker came out on HBO in 1983. The theme song scared the shit out of me. I knew it was time for the show when the ridiculously creepy intro came on. I hid under the coffee table with a pillow over my head, went to my room, or, if at all possible, went next door to my grandma's apartment (she and my dad lived on either side of a duplex during these years).

Two things:

1) My dad wired my grandma with our cable through the wall. She never watched The Hitchhiker.

2) I was a hitchhiker myself, twice, but unwittingly. Neither time was that series theme song playing in my head. Instead, my brain was singing that scarier song: "I want to survive the ride with this actual nice person who picked me up because my car was broken down and I'm sure they're not going to kill me but are they?" That song sucks.

Re-listening to The Hitchhiker theme and rewatching the intro, it seems maybe interesting? I don't know anything about it. Here's the Wikipedia entry about the show for reference, but I'm not going to read through it. I'll just keep it scary as hell, good or bad, as it is in my memory.

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